P4G Emphasizes Scaling Innovative Models for E-mobility at Nordic Sustainability Week in Mexico


On May 18, P4G’s Director of Investments Sarbinder Singh joined the Nordic Sustainability Week in Mexico for an engaging discussion on e-mobility. The panel focused on how to overcome obstacles and bring together stakeholders to rapidly scale innovation and technological development for a zero-emissions transport transition. Singh shared P4G’s approach of bridging the gap between development and investment by accelerating emerging innovative models. “We need catalytic investment to make this transition smoother, more investable, and more sustainable,” said Singh.  

Panelists like Rodrigo Díaz González, Undersecretary of Planning, Policies and Regulation in the Ministry of Mobility of Mexico City emphasized that electric mobility isn’t the end goal, but it’s a method for diminishing emissions, along with a mix of sustainable solutions to spark an inclusive net-zero future. Speakers also explored the need for partnerships to de-risk and mobilize investment in the necessary infrastructure. Along with other speakers, Singh emphasized the importance of government and private sector collaboration to deliver on the commitments to reach net-zero by 2050. Singh shared how Mexico’s dynamic P4G National Platform has helped enable the regulatory environment needed to expand zero-emissions transportation. 

Christina Bu, Secretary General, Norwegian EV Association and Ilkka Homanen, Head of Program: Smart Mobility & Batteries, Business Finland, offered perspectives from the successful expansion of zero-emission vehicles in their countries, where making electric vehicles cost competitive with internal combustion engine cars proved essential to accelerating the transition. Bu urged all countries to take urgent action to get to zero emissions, stating “We’re facing paradigm shift, and the transition will happen much faster than people realize, so we need to get aboard now. Gradual change is not an option anymore.”  

The discussion also addressed the need for inclusivity in the electric mobility transition. Carlos Acosta, Regional Manager of the North Zone, Volvo Buses highlighted the high social, as well as environmental, impacts of e-mobility solutions to improve the quality of life for Mexico City residents. Volvo focuses on designing projects in which electric buses can increase connectivity, ensure efficient and safe transportation of passengers, and reduce noise and air pollution to foster greener cities resilient to climate change. Gisela Quintero Leyva, Director of Services and Customer Experiences, Scania, emphasized the need to start the mobility transition somewhere, and in Mexico, public transportation is fundamental to weaving solutions throughout everyday life.  

As Acosta emphasized, “electric mobility is not future of public transport, it is the present.” P4G looks forward to continuing to scale the zero emissions transportation transition in Mexico and beyond.  

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