Minister Juan Carlos Jobet, Republic of Chile, Joins P4G Board


WASHINGTON – December 16, 2020 – P4G announced that Minister Juan Carlos Jobet, Ministry of Energy, Republic of Chile has joined its Board of Directors.  

Minister Jobet brings a strong blend of private sector and policy experience to P4G’s Board. He began his career at a corporate finance consulting firm before joining the Chilean government and taking on a leading role in the country’s reconstruction after a devastating earthquake in 2010. After holding various positions in the government including being the Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Minister Jobet was most recently responsible for managing the Infrastructure Fund, responsible for developing new public infrastructure like highways, trains and ports.  

As Chile’s Minister of Energy since 2019, Minister Jobet’s mission is to lead Chile into a greener, decarbonized economy with an emphasis on renewable energy and achieving Chile’s zero emissions commitments. He is leading the country’s ambitious goals to produce the cheapest green hydrogen on the planet by 2030 and be among the top three exports of green hydrogen by 2040 and sees the critical need of partnerships with the private sector and investors to achieve these ambitious goals. 

“I am honored to join the P4G Board. With its pipeline of innovative partnerships, global platform and engaged network, P4G can help accelerate Chile’s ambitions to be a leader in the green hydrogen industry and to be net zero emissions by 2050.” Minister Juan Carlos Jobet, Ministry of Energy, Republic of Chile.  

From electric buses to the Getting to Zero Coalition partnership accelerating the shift to zero emissions vessels, fuels and infrastructure, P4G partnerships are well aligned with Chile’s core economic and climate priorities and provide models of change that can be replicated in the Latin America region and other P4G country partners. 

“Minister Jobet is a global leader outlining a pathway for how a country can Build Back Better and Greener. Chile is a leading example of an emerging economy that sees the economic opportunities for trade, investment and jobs that also complement their ambitious climate change targets. We are privileged to have Minister Jobet’s breadth of expertise, vision and solutions he is leading to complement P4G’s work including in our emerging portfolio of partnerships on zero emissions transportation,” said P4G’s Global Director Ian de Cruz.  

Learn more about current P4G Partnerships in Chile on electric buses, zero emissions shipping, building efficiency, and circular economy.  


About Ministry of Energy, Republic of Chile 

The Ministry of Energy is the governmental entity in charge of developing and coordinating, in a transparent and participative manner, the different plans, policies and norms for the development of Chile’s energy sector. Its mission is to create and maintain an energy sector in Chile that supports a thriving society and a healthy economy. The goal is to have an energy sector that is resilient to climate change by providing a diverse, balanced and sustainable electric grid that is reliable, affordable and accessible for all Chilean citizens. The Ministry of Chile seeks to collectively develop a path towards a clean, modern, and inclusive society for all.  

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