Indonesia Launches P4G National Platform to Support Local Green Economic Growth

JAKARTA –24 February 2020 – Today, Indonesia launches its P4G National Platform: a dedicated group of leaders led by the Bappenas (Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas) that will extend the breadth of P4G’s partnership-driven approach across the country.

Through the Indonesian P4G National Platform, the country will make further progress on delivering upon the national priorities, which include reducing inequality by balancing economic growth with social inclusion and environmental protection.

Indonesia has formally integrated sustainability objectives into the 2020-2024 National Medium-term Development Plan (RPJMN). The P4G National Platform will further support this and other sustainable development progress by identifying and accelerating innovative public-private partnerships in Indonesia and beyond, that enable progress on climate action.

Dr. Suharso Monoarfa, Minister of National Development Planning of Indonesia, said at the launch, “The world is embarking on a critical decade as we set out to reduce the impacts of climate change, which Indonesia is already feeling. Collaboration across sectors is the only headway to achieve our goals and ensure that our systems and communities endure and improve. We are excited to launch our P4G National Platform because we know it will play an integral role in our ongoing pursuit to enable and accelerate sustainable development in our country.”

Also in attendance was Danish Minister of Environment Lea Wermelin, who commented, “The growth of P4G across nations and regions only underscores the initiative’s core value of coming together to achieve sustainable progress. P4G’s strengthened presence in Indonesia through the Ministry of National Development Planning will allow Indonesia to connect with other P4G partner countries, including Denmark, to more significantly deliver on the global goals.”

Minister of the Environment of the Republic of Korea Cho Myung-Rae said, “In anticipation of the 2020 P4G Seoul Summit in June, the strengthening of Korea-Indonesia cooperation will provide better opportunity to identify and implement partnership projects that can improve the global landscape.”

Ian de Cruz, P4G Global Director, commented, “We are pleased to welcome Indonesia to the growing network of P4G National Platforms. Their engagement will most certainly enable a better perspective and increased potential for P4G partnerships in-country and around the world. Given Indonesia’s demonstrated progress on the SDGs already, their contributions to the P4G network of sustainability changemakers will be a valuable addition to the work P4G does.”

P4G currently accelerates five P4G Scale-Up Partnerships and two P4G Start-Up Partnerships in Indonesia: i) The Energy Efficiency Alliance for Industry which addresses key barriers to energy efficiency solutions uptake by combining demand aggregation, manufacturer engagement, access to finance, and policy alignment; ii) PlusPlus, the partnership that provides a solution and creates access to funding for agri-food related small and mid-size businesses in developing countries by linking them to a crowd of investors; iii) 3R Initiative which will create a new plastic recovery and recycling crediting mechanism and will provide an efficient and powerful means to drive new finance to projects and activities that reduce plastic in the environment; iv) Sustainable Sourcing at Scale which implements Verified Sourcing Areas (VSAs) allow certifications to encompass larger geographical areas and reduces costs for sustainable agriculture certification; v) Clean Energy Investment Accelerator that focuses on three pillars for mobilizing and increasing access to clean energy investment at scale: purchasers, pipeline, and policies; vi) Food Delivery Companies for SDG 12 which aims to develop a shared protocol for reducing the use of single-use plastics, which food delivery companies and their food and beverage partners can easily adopt within their operations; and vii) Indonesia Food Loss and Waste Partnership, the partnership that will build a cross-sector program to reduce food loss and waste in Indonesia by 50 percent by 2030.


P4G – Partnering for Green Growth and the Global Goals 2030 – funds over 30 public-private partnerships with projects in developing countries. P4G is a collaborative partnership among 12 partner countries: Bangladesh, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, the Netherlands, the Republic of Korea, South Africa and Vietnam. P4G is funded by the governments of Denmark and the Netherlands and hosted at World Resources Institute. Other partner organizations include C40 Cities, Global Green Growth Institute, International Finance Corporation, World Economic Forum and the United Nations Global Compact.

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