P4G Summit Consultant

Phuong Vu is the Summit Consultant for Partnering for Green Growth and the Global Goals 2030 (P4G) in Vietnam. Her main role is to manage processes for the P4G summit in Vietnam in 2025 by serving as the coordination lead and primary focal point between entities in the Summit organizing committee. 

Before her tenure at P4G, Phuong made significant contributions to Vietnam's international engagements and integration during her six-year service at the Department of Economics, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Her robust background in diplomatic and international economics was instrumental in organizing global conferences and seminars, and she served as the focal point between MFA Vietnam and other ministries and UN agencies regarding national and international meetings, research reports and policy development. Phuong was also a member of the Vietnamese delegation to the 2021 P4G Summit in Seoul. 

Phuong holds a Master’s degree in Diplomatic Studies from the University of Oxford, which she earned with the British Government’s Chevening Award and a Bachelor’s degree in International Financial Services from London Metropolitan University. 

She is fueled by Taylor Swift's music and a passion for traveling the world to try as many local cuisines as possible. Phuong is based in Hanoi, Vietnam.