Scale-Up Finalist
Integrated Decentralised Electrification in Africa (IDEA) Partnership

Integrated Decentralized Electrification in Africa (IDEA) Partnership, driven by SNV – Netherlands Development Organisation and Standard Microgrid will target rural electrification in developing countries by supporting the market’s most overlooked resource: its users. IDEA acknowledges that while affordable solutions for entry-level energy access do exist, rural workers – mostly farmers – still have a limited ability to pay. IDEA will focus on the intersection of agriculture and business in Zambia, where less than 5 percent of the rural population has access to electricity. Through the institution of solar mini-grids and stand-alone systems, IDEA aims to generate electricity close to where it is needed, making mini-grids the standard choice for a rural population who would otherwise have to wait several years, or even decades, for electricity connection. This increased access to electricity will be combined with a program that allows farmers to make investments in equipment for pumping, milling, chilling and drying, therefore combining the use of relevant technologies to increase agricultural productivity and improve local economic viability. The access to electricity will have a positive economic impact as more people increase productivity, leading to greater household income which will then increase energy demand, creating a sustainable energy market.

Photo: SNV