Our Themes

One partnership alone will not create the impact required to deliver transformative change in this decade of action. P4G’s emerging themes align with country partner priorities and the goals of global coalitions to catalyze the public and private sector action needed to create change at speed and scale in this decade of action. By aggregating the risk of partnerships across themes, P4G offers investors an attractive investment proposition that can affect change on the ground. P4G’s partnerships are clustering around four themes – Energy Transition, Zero Waste Green Industry, Food and Agricultural Value Chain and Digital Solutions for Water.

Energy Transition


P4G’s Energy Transition theme is positioned to decarbonize the energy system by providing solutions within the interconnected energy system. This theme encompasses breakthrough partnerships advancing innovative market-based solutions in zero emissions mobility, distributed renewable energy and energy efficiency, and what is emerging in the green hydrogen economy.

Food and Agriculture Value Chain


P4G’s Food and Agriculture Value Chain theme drives efficiency, value and resilience while leveraging investment to achieve a zero-hunger future for all. Partnerships deliver transformative impact by providing solutions for a range of food system resilience needs such as developing sustainable sourcing areas to improve the livelihoods of smallholder farmers, reducing farm to factory gate food loss and waste, and driving high value processing further upstream in the supply chain.

Zero Waste Green Industry


The Zero Waste Green Industry theme strives to achieve a global shift to a circular economy by driving efficiency, creating value, and leveraging investment into cross-sectoral industries. P4G’s innovative partnerships are transforming sustainable industrial clusters, industrial and commercial food loss and waste, and plastics and textiles recovery and recycling.

Digital Solutions for Water


P4G’s Digital Solutions for Water theme accelerates enterprises using digital approaches to improve clean water and sanitation access for all. P4G partnerships provide scalable market-based solutions in FinTech, pay-as-you-go (PAYGO), smart meters for water and sanitation, as well as smart technology for non-revenue water reductions.