P4G Works With Cainiao Network and China Environmental Protection Foundation to Lead Global Partnership for Green Logistics Cities and Innovations




P4G: Frank Walter, frank.walter@p4gpartnerships.org

For China Environmental Protection Foundation: Changhua Wu, wu_changhua@yahoo.com



COPENHAGEN—20 October— Partnering for Green Growth and the Global Goals 2030 (P4G), a network of global leaders and innovators seeking breakthrough solutions for green economic growth, will team up with two Chinese entities to lead a public-private partnership to expand a green logistics city initiative in China.

Together with P4G, Cainiao Smart Logistics Network Ltd. (“Cainiao”), the logistics arm of Alibaba Group, and the China Environmental Protection Foundation (CEPF) will spearhead the growth of a green-packaging program, zero packaging waste program and electric vehicles delivery program from the southeastern Chinese city of Xiamen to other cities in China as part of the Global Smart Green Logistics Innovation partnership.

To help the project grow in China and serve as a model to other global cities, P4G has also awarded US$1 million in scale-up funding to CEPF. It was one of six partnerships to receive P4G funding, after a global competition that attracted 450 submissions from 80 countries.

“This cooperation demonstrates the innovation in our partnership model and huge potential scale of impact not only in China, but also across the global value chain covering 224 countries and regions,” said Ian de Cruz, P4G Global Director. “With support from P4G’s extended network including C40 Cities, Global Green Growth Institute and the World Economic Forum, this integrated public-private model can help other cities move down the path to zero plastic and packaging waste.”

Cainiao Network, with a specially-designated fund set up under CEPF, has devoted funding to promote green logistics for the long term. Cainiao rolled out the first green logistics city initiative in Xiamen, with a pilot program started in late 2017. In Xiamen, a port city of 3.5 million people, Cainiao Network and CEPF are working with the Xiamen Municipal Government to set up more than 100 city-wide package recycling points by the end of 2018, where packaging waste is gathered, and sorted and processed for treatment and reuse. Cainiao also has begun deploying and promoting electric vehicles to deliver packages across the city.

“Cainiao is committed to driving green smart logistics in China. We are pleased to further our efforts together with the China Environmental Protection Foundation and the global P4G network to promote green logistics together on a larger scale,” said Xuemei Gu, Chief Technology Officer of Cainiao Network.

Earlier this year, Cainiao announced the most comprehensive green campaign in China's logistics industry to date – Alibaba Green Logistics 2020. Enabled by world-class technologies, the campaign represents the joint efforts across the Alibaba Group to improve material recycling, packaging, route planning and delivery methods in order to work towards a greener future.

“We have been working with Cainiao Network very closely on developing the logistics for a greener city and look forward to working with P4G to enhance and expand this model. P4G’s support will help us integrate their network’s global expertise and allow us to learn and share lessons for greater success,” said Xu Guang, Secretary General of CEPF.

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