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Vietnam’s Ministry of Planning and Investment and Chamber of Commerce Lead Country Involvement in Public-Private Partnerships to Accelerate a Green Growth Future

HANOI—July 5, 2018— The Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) and the Vietnam Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) announced today their joint leadership in a crucial initiative ushering Vietnam towards a sustainable, inclusive future. Both organizations host the Vietnam national platform for P4G -- Partnering for Green Growth and the Global Goals 2030 – a new initiative funded by the Danish government that identifies and incubates the most innovative public-private partnerships driving high-impact, market driven solutions for a just, inclusive world.

In their joint position as a P4G national platform, VCCI and MPI have already made significant contributions to Vietnam’s green growth pursuit: in P4G’s global competition to identify the world’s most cutting-edge green partnerships, four Vietnam-based projects were included among 24 selected finalists. These partnerships were selected from nearly 450 applications spanning 80 countries, and will focus on improving investment in clean, accessible water and implementing circular economy principles in Vietnam’s booming manufacturing sector.

To qualify for a P4G partnership, projects had to take place in a developing country, include a public, a commercial and a non-commercial partner and offer a commercially viable solution in one or more of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) in food and agriculture, water, energy, cities and circular economy. The 24 P4G Partnership finalists for the 2018 funding period will receive facilitation and/or funding support to advance their projects.

P4G’s national platforms in partner countries bring together business, government and civil society organizations to collaborate on and help inform public-private partnerships that advance the SDGs. In addition to Vietnam, other P4G partner countries include Denmark, Kenya, Ethiopia, The Republic of Korea, Chile, Colombia and Mexico. P4G also works with organizational partners C40 Cities, Global Green Growth Institute and World Economic Forum; and is hosted by World Resources Institute.

“Among the 17 SDGs, the final goal is to ‘revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development.’ Accordingly, I highly appreciate how the P4G Initiative will help foster multi-stakeholder collaboration across the world and in Vietnam particularly, thus accelerating our journey to a sustainably transformed world,” said Mr. Nguyen Quang Vinh, General Secretary of VCCI and Vice President and General Secretary of the Vietnam Business Council for Sustainable Development – VCCI’s implementing entity. “Our position as a P4G national platform will be crucial in orienting the Vietnamese public and private communities towards the same objectives; and will also help bring Vietnam to the international stage with ideas and success stories that spur a collaborative, global future.”

P4G Global Director Ian de Cruz also commented, “We congratulate the new P4G Partnerships and MPI and VCCI in its launch of the P4G National Platform in Vietnam. By embracing public-private partnerships, Vietnam can be a global innovator in sustainable solutions in sectors such as food and agriculture, water, clean energy, and the circular economy.”

The Vietnamese organizations represented among the finalists include businesses and civil society organizations. In addition to facilitation support, those partnerships selected as start-up finalists qualify for up to 100,000 USD in P4G funding – announced prior to the P4G Board meeting in September -- while the scale-up finalists will compete for up to 1 million USD in funding. The partnerships selected for scale-up funding will be announced at the P4G Copenhagen Summit 2018 taking place on 19-20 October in Denmark.


Selected for facilitation and shortlisted for scale-up funding:

  • Clean Energy Investment Accelerator: Sixty per cent of Fortune 100 companies have goals for renewable energy procurement or reductions in greenhouse gas emissions; yet translating this vision into business-smart actions for these and thousands of other companies around the world is a serious challenge. The Clean Energy Investment Accelerator, with leadership from 100 Resilient Cities to support work in Vietnam, World Resources Institute, and Allotrope Partners, will support progress in affordable and clean energy (SDG7) by forging alliances between business and government leaders and investors to create enabling environments for and mobilize investment in scaled clean energy in commercial and industrial sectors.
  • Building Efficiency Accelerator is directed by the World Green Building Council with support from the Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency and Danfoss. The partnership seeks to increase the adoption of energy efficiency policies and best practices in cities in ColombiaMexicoVietnam and Kenya. Buildings are estimated to consume one-third of energy demand and generate one-fourth of GHG emissions globally. The partnership will engage local Green Building Councils along with public and private sector partners at the national and local levels to accelerate retrofitting existing buildings and increasing the number of new buildings equipped with energy efficiency technologies and materials.

Selected for facilitation and start-up funding:

  • Partnership for Blended Finance on Water led by ASSIST, along with Grundfos. The partnership focuses on Vietnam’s drinking water infrastructure by developing blended finance models for greater investment in the sector. The investment will support technologies and practices that reduce the percent of non-revenue generating water from 22 % to a goal of 15 % by 2025, which also reduces energy consumption. The partnership involves a coalition of Vietnam-based organizations and ASSIST, an international sustainable development organization focused on Asia and the Danish company Grundfos and IFU, the Danish Investment Fund for Developing Countries.
  • Vietnam Materials Marketplace aims to transform one of the world’s most booming manufacturing economies by encouraging the re-use and re-sale of reusable industrial materials. In a world where material production and use is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions, The Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) in partnership with Pathway21 and the United States Business Council for Sustainable Development aims to reduce both waste disposal and excessive production through an online, cloud-based marketplace where manufacturers can buy, sell or trade materials and equipment suitable for further or alternative use.

About P4G

Launched in 2017, P4G – Partnering for Green Growth and the Global Goals 2030 – is a new initiative with the ambition of becoming the world’s leading forum for developing concrete public-private partnerships at scale to deliver on the SDGs and the Paris Climate Agreement. The government of Denmark provides 37 million USD in initial funding for P4G from 2018-2022. Besides the partner countries, non-profit organizations such as the Global Green Growth Institute, C40 Cities, World Economic Forum, and the World Resources Institute (which hosts the P4G Global Hub) are also P4G partners.


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