P4G Board Meeting Highlights P4G’s Role in the Global Agenda in Advance of 2021 P4G Seoul Summit


Global campaigns like the Race to Zero are “well suited to the menu of activities that P4G supports” – Dominic Waughray, Managing Director, Center for Global Public Goods, World Economic Forum

“P4G fills a gap in bridging the government agenda and private sector activities” – Arifin Rudiyanto, Deputy Minister for Maritime and Natural Resources Affairs, Ministry of National Development Planning, Indonesia

These and other observations shared by P4G Board members at the March 16th Board meeting crystallized the role that P4G plays as a global delivery mechanism for the Paris Agreement, Sustainable Development Goals, and Building Back Better.

Danish Minister for Development Cooperation Flemming Møller Mortensen began the meeting by sharing the need for focused and unified efforts from P4G’s network to reach the Paris Agreement goals and highlighted the upcoming 2021 P4G Seoul Summit as an important stepping stone to achieve more aggressive climate ambitions ahead of COP26. This sentiment was echoed by Ambassador for Climate Change Yeonchul Yoo of the Republic of Korea, who shared the Summit theme of an “Inclusive Green Recovery Towards Carbon Neutrality” and the commitment it signaled to supporting vulnerable countries, leveraging the opportunity to Building Back Better, and building a strong foundation to meet long-term climate goals.

P4G Board members and designated representatives from Chile, Mexico and Ethiopia called out their national climate priorities and acknowledged P4G’s value in accelerating innovative solutions to advance their agendas. Minister Juan Carlos Jobet of Chile stated his country’s ambition of being among the top 3 producers of green hydrogen and its derivates by 2040 and how Chile can drive collaboration with the P4G ecosystem to reach this goal. Commissioner Fekadu Beyene of Ethiopia highlighted the strong alignment between P4G’s partnerships in Ethiopia and the country’s National Development Plan and how P4G directly supports Ethiopia’s growth and sustainability priorities.

There was consensus among the private sector Board members of P4G’s role as a catalyst for innovation where Julia Prescot, co-founder of Meridiam, shared the need for a conduit where money from the private sector can flow to solutions and called P4G, “A gatherer of private sector money” that scales a small idea into a much greater one.

Karin Finkelston, Vice President of Partnerships, Communication, and Outreach at IFC stated, “P4G plays an interesting and needed role in this upstream work on the policy reforms needed at the country level that will allow the private sector to come in.” 

Dominic Waughray from the World Economic Forum shared the collaboration opportunities P4G provides for a clean energy transition between WEF and country partners like Denmark, Colombia and Indonesia. He also spoke about the potential for creating an arc of impact from the P4G Summit to the WEF Annual Meeting all the way to COP26 and beyond.

P4G Global Director, Ian de Cruz, expressed gratitude for the network’s support in integrating P4G across global campaigns and initiatives and solidifying P4G’s place in the global agenda. De Cruz noted, “Your input is vital to P4G’s approach of improving throughout P4G’s learning journey.”

Danish Climate Ambassador Tomas Anker Christensen wrapped up the meeting speaking about the needed disruptive approach that P4G brings to advancing partnerships, and how it was charting the way forward for a new way of collaboration.

In the rallying words of Minister Jobet, "Now is the time to be bold, be committed, and to act."

P4G is ready and delivering.



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