Denmark's State of Green Steps Forward as P4G's First National Platform


4G aims to become the world’s leading forum for public-private partnerships driving the new climate economy. The Initiative’s network of national platforms, countries and organizations brings a diverse background of resources and expertise to this goal, underscoring P4G’s capacity to connect leaders and accelerate progress in the green economy. This month, P4G highlights State of Green: Denmark’s official green branding organization and the Initiative’s first national platform.

State of Green is a multi-stakeholder public-private partnership founded by the Danish Government and Denmark’s four leading business organizations: the Confederation of Danish Industry, the Danish Energy Association, the Danish Agriculture & Food Council and the Danish Wind Industry Association.

Denmark has been an international pioneer since the 1970s in pushing the green transition. By 2050, Denmark intends to become the first country in the world entirely independent of fossil fuels. Already, almost 60 percent of electricity consumed in Denmark is based on renewables.

“State of Green aims to usher Denmark towards this achievement and thus, into a position of global leadership in driving successful economic solutions for a greener, more sustainable world,” said Finn Mortensen, Executive Director of State of Green. “We are excited about being the national Danish P4G platform and facilitating collaboration between Danish public and private stakeholders and P4G partnerships around the world.”

P4G and State of Green share focus areas in the respective realms of food/agriculture, water, energy, healthy cities and the circular economy. “Crossover in these realms will open both partnerships to a wealth of resources and access to innovation; broadening the scope of P4G and State of Green’s individual and collaborative impacts,” Mortensen adds.

P4G’s collaboration with State of Green is an essential component to the Initiative’s global impact. State of Green has already connected several leading Danish companies and civil society organizations with partnerships applying for P4G funding and facilitation support. At the P4G Summit in Copenhagen in October, State of Green will showcase some of Denmark’s innovative technological solutions in the P4G sector areas, including by way of site visits for participants.

“State of Green is an ideal partner for P4G,” said Ian de Cruz, P4G global director. “They have extensive experience working with public-private partnerships and private sector companies who are global leaders in many key sectors, such as wind energy, food and water infrastructure.”

Cruz says State of Green will benefit from its role as a country platform by having greater access to governments and emerging markets who share Denmark and P4G’s ambitious intentions towards a sustainable future.

In partnership, P4G and State of Green will capitalize upon shared goals and networks to lead the global transition to a green growth economy.


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