Africa GreenCo and the EU External Investment Plan


This month, Africa GreenCo presented the Agence Française de Développement (AFD)/European Commission guarantee to GreenCo at the EU External Investment Plan outreach event in Lusaka on the 28th of May - showcasing the significant benefits the GreenCo model will deliver in the Zambian and wider regional energy sector by acting as a renewable energy creditworthy buyer of power. The EU External Investment Plan seeks to drive economic development in Africa by raising 44 billion Euros from financing institutions, the private sector and member states. The Africa GreenCo team also met with Dr. Lubinda Haabazoka, president of the Economics Association of Zambia who are working on Africa GreenCo’s national launch during the Zambian Economic Summit on “The Future of Economic Diplomacy: Supporting Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development in Africa” due to take place on the 24-26 July 2019 in Livingstone, Zambia.


Africa GreenCo


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