Juan Manuel Robledo

P4G Summit Consultant

Juan Manuel is P4G's Summit Consultant. He serves as coordination lead and primary focal point between the Summit’s participating entities and is also responsible for developing the Summit’s communications strategy. Juan Manuel brings over ten years of experience working as a communications specialist with a focus on strategy design and implementation, event coordination and urban planning. 

 He has worked with the public sector; in the national and city governments of Colombia; and with the private sector in communications agencies. He was previously the founding director of a bicycle mobility initiative, which he operated for five years in his hometown of Bogotá. From this, he developed his interest and expertise in urban planning and making cities more sustainable.  

 Juan Manuel has a Master’s degree in City Planning and Regeneration from the University of Glasgow in Scotland and a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and Journalism from Universidad de la Sabana in Colombia. He also holds a certificate in Political Communications and Marketing from EAN University in Bogota. He is fluent in Spanish and English. 

 He likes running, practicing yoga, reading, and cooking some of his signature dishes. He also dabbles in plant keeping.