Thank you for your interest in joining the P4G family of partnerships. P4G accelerates pioneering green market-based partnerships to build sustainable and resilient economies. We invest in impact to deliver inclusive and tangible solutions to build back better and greener to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement.

How to apply:

  1. Review the Partnership Fund Guidelines available at
  2. Download the Concept Note Form in Word from the website.
  3. Complete the form in Word and prepare the Business Plan Summary and Diagram.
  4. Copy answers into this form. Upload the Business Plan Summary and Diagram.
  5. Submit.

(Optional business plan guidance is available here)

As stated in the Partnership Fund Guidelines, P4G funding cannot be used to purchase equipment or infrastructure or support the creation of a fund, along with other restrictions. For more information, kindly review P4G Partnerships Fund Guidelines.


An overview of what the partnership aims to achieve, where, and by when. Describe the commercially viable business model you seek to start or to scale, and the end goals and outcomes of your venture.
The specific planned goals, measurable impacts, and timeline (SMART goals) in the:
a. Short term (within the P4G funding period)
b. Medium term (within the scope of the initial targeted business model)
c. Long term (assuming scaling or replication catalyzed by the partnership)
The unique value proposition and innovativeness of this concept.
Provide a diagram or schematic of your business model (no more than one page).
One file only.
20 MB limit.
Allowed types: pdf, jpg, png, bmp, rtf, html, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx.
In no more than 2 pages, please summarize a business plan that indicates how your partnership is on the pathway to commercialization. Please ensure, at a minimum, that the following topics are addressed:
a. The market opportunity / gap / need
b. The progress and quantified impact of the partnership to date
c. Financial sustainability plan: demonstration of how the business will be commercially viable (with financial projections if available). Distinguish the one- to two-year P4G funding window and the medium- to longer-term (5-10 years).
d. The implementation plan, go to market and growth strategies
e. Any regulatory or policy barriers that will need to be addressed, and the plan to address them
f. Track record and previous experience of the partners with similar ventures
One file only.
20 MB limit.
Allowed types: pdf, jpg, png, bmp, rtf, html, doc, docx, ppt, pptx, xls, xlsx.
7. Primary SDG
Partnership focus must be one of P4G's five Sustainable Development Goal focus areas.
8. Theme
P4G has identified clusters of P4G Partnerships working within these thematic areas. These themes align with P4G’s Communities of Learning and allow partnerships to benefit from synergies to magnify focused impact. Does your partnership fit into one of P4G's existing partnership themes?
9. P4G Partner Countries
Please note which of P4G's 12 partner countries this partnership involves. Partnership activities must benefit one or more of the eight P4G partner countries eligible for P4G-funded projects: Bangladesh, Colombia, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, South Africa and Vietnam. Partnerships DIRECTLY involving partners based in Chile, Denmark, the Netherlands, or the Republic of Korea should indicate this here as well.
Describe each core commercial partner's focus, location, and role in the partnership.
Describe each core NGO partner's focus, location, and role in the partnership. Note which partner intends to serve as the Administrative Partner (contractual recipient of P4G funds); Refer to the table in the Guidelines to confirm administrative partner eligibility.
List any other core partners here, including government agencies, academic institutions, etc. Briefly describe each partner's focus, type of organization, location, and role in the partnership.
Please list the relevant web addresses (URLs) of each partner and of the partnership, if available.
In USD. P4G funds no more than 50% - 75% of a partnership proposal’s total budget, depending on the size of the award (refer to Guidelines for details).
15. a. P4G National Platform Engagement
Please describe any collaboration or direct conversations you have had with network members to date, including P4G partner country national platforms, Board member organizations, or existing partnerships (see Note that concept notes may be shared with relevant network members.
What other support beyond funding could P4G provide that would maximize your chances of success?
Please check this box if this partnership (with the SAME composition of partners) has previously been awarded P4G funding.
If your partnership previously received P4G funding, please summarize the results achieved using P4G funds to date and explain how additional P4G funds in this new funding cycle can help the partnership reach the next level, and why the timing is appropriate for additional funding.
18. Contact Information of Primary Contact Person