What is a P4G Partnership?

P4G Partnerships are collaborative ideas changing the future of the green economy.
P4G Partnerships

P4G Partnerships include both private and public-sector organizations who are working together to advance innovative and commercially viable project(s) in at least one of these five SDG sectors: food and agriculture, water, energy, cities, and circular economy. The partners can come from any country, but their work must target green growth in one of these 150 countries. We provide P4G Partnerships with facilitation, funding, and recognition to support their growth. Our goal is to help these partnerships demonstrate market success and replicability.

Five Characteristics of a P4G Partnership

(1) Relevance: Promotes market-based solutions to one or more of our five SDG sector areas

(2) Impact: meaningfully contributes to systems change that will advance overall green economic growth with commercially viable and replicable business models

(3) Innovation and growth: addresses barriers that must be overcome in order to accelerate commercially viable means of accomplishing the SDGs

(4) Value Add: Innovative constellations of private sector, public sector, and organizations tackling global challenges through market-driven approaches

(5) Implementation: the capacity to succeed.

Partnership Support

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P4G Partnership Facilitation

P4G provides an array of facilitation supports to its partnerships. Our facilitation support can help partnerships pitch their projects to investors, learn about industry best practices and network with business and government leaders. We provide P4G Partnerships with valuable visibility at global events such as the P4G Copenhagen Summit, the Clean Energy Investment Forum, the World Food Summit and World Economic Forum's Sustainable Development Impact Summit.

P4G Partnership Funding

P4G holds an annual global competition to select public-private partnerships to receive start-up or scale-up funding. P4G start-up partnerships are eligible to receive up to USD 100,000 in funding. P4G scale-up partnerships are eligible to receive up to USD 1 million. In 2018, P4G funded 11 start-up partnerships and 6 scale-up partnerships.

P4G will accept applications for 2019 facilitation and funding support from November 2018 to February 2019. All applications must be submitted online. Stay informed about our application process by subscribing to our monthly newsletter.

P4G Partnership Recognition

Partnerships selected as P4G finalists receive high-profile recognition. We feature our partnerships and their projects with our network partners, business and investor audiences, news media and on social media. We also provide our partnerships with speaking and networking opportunities at P4G and partner events. This visibility can help partnerships make valuable new connections to support their growth.