Mexico is eager to advance green growth priorities, especially in terms of a shift toward renewable energy. As a growing international leader in sustainable development, Mexico is committed to achieving the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement and strengthening its international policies to combat climate change. Recently, Mexico's Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources unveiled a new environmental agenda that plans to achieve zero deforestation through community forest management, adopt alternative technologies, and raise awareness about climate change. Mexico will engage with innovative P4G partnerships on clean and efficient energy use. 

“Mexico’s partnership with P4G will be instrumental in achieving our goals for 2030 and beyond. It is essential to bring together government and business leaders with civil society – with the people. It is through collective action that transformations are accomplished.”

- Mr. Rafael Pacchiano Alamán

Country Representatives and Main Contacts

Rafael Pacchiano Alamán

P4G Board Member
Secretary of Environment and Natural Resources

Norma Munguía Aldaraca

Director General for Global Issues
Mexico Secretariat of Foreign Affairs
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