Lars Tveen

larsPresident, Danfoss Heating Segment

Lars Tveen is the President of the Heating Segment at Danfoss – a global leader in energy efficient technology and solutions.

Danfoss Heating offers heating and cooling solutions for generating, distributing and adjusting heat by providing an efficient green infrastructure which contributes to achieving optimum indoor comfort and energy savings in residential and commercial buildings all over the world.

Lars Tveen has a broad management experience from leading positions within Danfoss. As of 1st January, 2015 Lars was appointed President of the Danfoss Heating Segment.

Lars joined Danfoss as a management trainee, and has since engineered urban efficiency to make cities from China, India to Europe more energy efficient. He is a driving force behind Danfoss’ work with international, national and local stakeholders to put energy efficiency first and decouple growth from energy use. As board member of the local Project Zero-Fonden, he helps to achieve carbon neutrality by 2029 in the area around Danfoss’ headquarters.

As experienced speaker on climate and energy related topics, Lars is a strong supporter of the United Nations Environment Programme and the Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL) public-private partnership called “District Energy in Cities”. Since 2014, Danfoss is one of the core private sector partners of UNEP, helping to improve, scale-up and retrofit district energy systems in cities across the globe.

Lars holds a Bachelor degree (Prod. Eng.) 1989, from the Faculty of Engineering in Odense, and a Bachelor of Commerce 1993, from the University of Southern Denmark. 

Considerable board activities:

  • Chairman Project Zero-Fonden, Denmark (local initiative to achieve carbon neutrality by 2029), Denmark
  • Board member P4G, Partnering for Green Growth and the Global Goals 2030 
  • Board member in SKAKO A/S, Denmark
  • Board member in The Energy Industry (an association under the Confederation of Danish Industries), Denmark
  • Board member in Synergi, Denmark
  • Board member in Green Energy (Grøn Energi), Denmark