Engagement Coordinator

In this role, you will support the development and implementation of P4G’s engagement strategy. You will support the Engagement team with both proactive planning and implementation of ambitious, comprehensive engagement strategies, as well a network of partners through the P4G Board, National Platforms, and Partners. You will support our engagement in major international events to position P4G as a partner of choice for development of partnerships between the public and private sector to implement the Sustainable Development Goals.

Research & Project Manager

In this position in our Business Center, you will lead the development of the Partnering for Green Growth and the Global Goals 2030 (P4G)’s first State of the Art (SoA) Report. The SoA will achieve its objectives of showcasing the progress of partnerships including P4G, catalyzing engagement in partnerships, and making partnerships more effective by:   

  1. Reporting on the progress of select P4G and select non-P4G partnerships in the green growth transition, highlighting the latest trends and developments in partnerships within and across the five targeted areas
  2. Identifying key lessons learned about what is working and what is not working for partnerships based on an assessment of historic and current public-private partnerships in this area
Intern, Engagement, Cameron Speth Fellowship

As the Engagement Intern, you will support the overall engagement strategy for P4G, including outreach to P4G partner countries which include: Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mexico, The Netherlands, South Korea and Vietnam. You will also support P4G engagement in major meetings and events, including preparing for meetings and events around the UN Secretary General’s Climate Summit.

Cameron Speth Fellowship requirements: You must be a current master's degree student at the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies at Yale University and also be from a developing nation or Japan

Engagement Manager

In the position, you will play a key role in developing, implementing and managing the engagement of the P4G network. You will provide strategic leadership on P4G engagement within the team and support the Engagement team with mobilizing the proactive participation of the P4G network in major events such as the P4G Summit and in major outputs such as the State of Art Report and P4G Awards.