Call for 2020 P4G State-of-the-Art Partnership Award Applications

Partnership Point of Contact
Please provide the following information for the main point of contact for the partnership. This person will be notified when P4G reviews the partnership application.
Partnership Information
Please provide the following basic information about the partnership.
Participating Partners
At least one stakeholder from each sector below is required to qualify as a P4G State-of-the-Art Partnership. In the space provided, please also provide a one-sentence description of how each partner engages in the execution of the partnership’s business plan.
State-of-the-Art Partnership Criteria
Sustainable Development Goal Focus (must be one of the SDGs below)
Describe key achievements and outcomes of the partnership. Include specific metrics that illustrate positive changes the partnership has introduced.
P4G defines innovation as “Meaningful contributions to new models for change that will advance overall green economic growth with commercially viable and replicable business models.” Please explain the business model, why it is innovative, and how the partnership addresses the development need (or Sustainable Development Goal) in its target region.
Describe how this partnership has grown since its commencement. Please include details about whether the partnership’s model has been replicated in new markets and plans for future growth.
Explain how the partnership has already achieved financial success/sustainability. What milestones has the partnership achieved? What target milestones exist for the future? Outline the total value of funding and/or investment the partnership has attracted since its launch. How is this business model already/on the path to being self-funding?
P4G and an external panel of expert judges will select five partnership finalists (one per SDG focus area) to present and be publicly recognized at the 2020 P4G Seoul Summit in the Republic of Korea. The Summit will take place between June 28 and June 30, 2020. Following presentations from each of these finalists, a panel of judges along with Summit attendees will select the State-of-the-Art Partnership of the Year.
All five partnerships will be promoted on P4G channels (social media, website, newsletter, etc.) and shared with media. Partnership finalists and the Partnership of the Year will also be considered for inclusion in future P4G reports and publications.
We ask that all partnership applicants indicate their willingness to participate in these recognition activities: