Bruce MacMaster

President, National Business Association of Colombia (ANDI)

Bruce Mac Master is the President of the National Business Association of Colombia.

Bruce is an economist from Los Andes University with over 20 years of experience in investment banking and issues relating to social responsibility.

Bruce was one of the founding partners of Inverlink, the first investment bank created in Colombia in the mid-eighties. Well-known in the investment banking field, he has also been in charge of Colombia's most important transactions in infrastructure, transport and telecommunications.

Bruce has been professor of Economics at Los Andes University, CFO of Propilco, Aceitales, and the Siderurgica del Caribe (steel plant). He has also been a prominent philanthropist over the last decade. He provided both human and financial capital to the creation of the Compartamos Colombia foundation, and in 2004 was co-founder of Granitos de Paz; a foundation which develops social programs for families in vulnerable areas of Cartagena.

He is a board member of other foundations, such as Fulbright Colombia, Batuta, Conexion Colombia for Semana magazine; and president of the board of the International Music Festival. He is also a board member for ISA, ISAGEN, Colombia Telecomunicaciones, Bancóldex, and Previsora Fiduciary.

In 2010, Bruce Mac Master was appointed Vice Minister of Finance by the Santos administration with Juan Carlos Echeverry as Minister. Bruce has also been the director for the Administrative Department for Social Prosperity of Colombia in charge of the definition and execution of the country’s social policies.