Jorge Iván Go​nzález

Director, National Planning Department, Colombia

Jorge Iván González holds a PhD from Université Catholique de Louvain in Belgium, and a master’s degree from Universidad de los Andes in Colombia. With extensive background in economics, he has advised a number of national and international entities, including the Central Bank of Colombia, the United Nations and previously the Department of National Planning.

He has had several appointments in Academia such as Dean of Economics at Universidad Nacional de Colombia, professor at Universidad Externado de Colombia, and researcher at both the Center for Economic Development Studies (CEDE) at Universidad de los Andes and the Center of Popular Research and Education (CINEP). Additionally, he has consulted for the National Business Association (ANDI) and the Comptroller General’s Office.

He is cofounder of Razón Pública foundation, an organization that seeks to enhance public understanding of contemporary issues and elevate the impact of researchers in public discourse and decision-making.