Accelerating Public-Private Partnerships for Sustainable Development Growth

2018 P4G Partnerships Report

We are pleased to share with you the Accelerating Public-Private Partnerships for Sustainable Development Growth: The 2018 P4G Partnerships Report.

The report includes informative sections such as:

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The Case for Public-Private Partnerships

Partnerships are key to achieving the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Aligning business operations with the SDGs can position businesses ahead of market trends and provide businesses with purpose. In partnership with businesses, governments can attract intellectual capital and financial investment to accelerate the deployment of new technologies and policies that can also implement goals around sustainable development and climate change action. These policies, in return, can enable businesses, communities and civil society groups to be bolder and more innovative in their approaches to green growth.

Imperatives and Innovations for Five SDG Sectors

P4G’s five focus areas – food and agriculture, clean water, renewable energy, healthy cities and the circular economy – present opportunities for significant evolution and growth. The report outlines key facts and market outlooks that illustrate just how critical and timely this moment is for innovative climate action to drive a new growth paradigm.

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Profiles of the 2018 P4G Partnerships

An introduction to P4G’s 24 partnerships, chosen from an application process that drew 450 applications from nearly 80 countries. Among these 24 selections, six partnerships focus on solutions for more sustainable food and agriculture sourcing and practices; two innovate towards cleaner water and improved water access; seven are centered around renewable energy solutions; three aim to improve the health and sustainability of the world’s cities; and six partnerships employ circular economy principles to encourage more responsible consumption and production.

These 24 P4G Partnerships show the scope and innovation needed to reach the ambitious targets set forth in the Sustainable Development Goals.”

- Ulla Tørnæs Minister for Development Cooperation, Denmark | P4G Board of Directors Co-Chair