Press Release after Launch

The Governments of partner countries
together with business, academia, civil society leaders and the C40 network of 91 major cities Has today launched the

Green growth and sustainable development is the only pathway that will sustain business, people and the planet and achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement on climate change.

The potential is huge. Moving down this pathway could create at least $12 trillion worth of business in food and agriculture; in cities and urban mobility; in energy and materials; and in health and wellbeing1. It could create 380 million decent jobs by 2030, with almost 90 percent in developing countries.

Green growth and sustainable development have gained momentum and entered the mainstream of political reform and business strategy. However, the pace and scale of change need to accelerate. Fulfilling the promise of achieving the sustainable development goals requires engagement, responsibility, resources and accountability from governments, businesses, investors, civil society, cities and academia. And not least a stronger commitment to partnerships at all levels and by all actors. Partnerships that bring together public and private sector actors to scale innovation and create a race to the top by changing market regulations, investing in innovative solutions that become feasible and by improving transparency and accountability.

Introducing P4G - Partnering for Green Growth and the Global Goals 2030

FP4G is an action oriented global green growth engine following up on SDG 17 on multi-stakeholder partnerships. It is powering breakthrough partnerships with government, business and community leaders to speed up the delivery on the commitments of the Paris Agreement on climate change and on the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

P4G will also invest resources to enable the P4G public-private partnerships to emerge and thrive.

Focus areas

The P4G is an action oriented global green growth engine that powers breakthrough partnerships with government, business and community leaders to speed up the UN Sustainable Development Goals and fulfil the commitments of the Paris Agreement of 2015. It will accelerate impact through public private partnerships to inspire, share knowledge and implement solutions at scale.

Partner countries have today committed to drive progress on green growth and the Global Goals through engagement in P4G. All partner countries will develop national platforms to drive new partnerships and engage, deliver and measure results. Within the coming months each partner country will select 2-3 specific challenges in the partner country or in other partner countries with the purpose to form at least one partnership idea possibly involving stakeholders, businesses and relevant authorities from partner countries. The end goal being for P4G to incubate new and scale promising existing partnerships with the guidance and support of the P4G Hub to be established by 1st January 2018.

Advisory and facilitation will be available for partnerships working under the P4G umbrella through the P4G Hub. Additionally, a fund of USD 4 million a year will be made available for financial support to incubation and scaling strategies of P4G partnerships.

To scale partnerships and raise political attention, partner countries will take turns in hosting summits every second year. The first P4G high-level summit will take place in Copenhagen on 28-29 November 2018 hosted by the Danish government while all partner countries will in turn host the summit every second year.

The P4G will work through:
  • Biennial Summits hosted by partner countries on a rotational basis at the highest level.
  • Facilitating, building and scaling public private partnerships.
  • Documenting and sharing State of the art knowledge and good practices.

The P4G will focus on key economic systems that, if transformed, will drive green inclusive and equitable growth. Key economic systems have been identified where opportunities and impacts are greatest such as land-use/agriculture, energy, cities, manufacturing, water and circular economy. Commitments to develop market conditions combined with innovation and new business models will drive the green transition and have a positive impact on the environment.

Through incubation and scaling-up, P4G will accelerate the delivery of the Global Goals, creating new markets and more, decent jobs for the youth as well as new investment opportunities, while improving the environment and protecting the rich nature of the planet. The P4G will incubate partnerships among public sector (i.e. cities, nations, regions) and private companies, international organisations, academia and research institutions to identify and implement solutions to concrete challenges. The P4G will scale promising existing partnerships and solutions by disseminating knowledge and convening partners in new countries, cities and markets.

The P4G builds on the strong and on-going commitment from national and international partners (cities, business, academia, civil society) who play a vital role in ensuring that Summits set the agenda and that partnerships emerge, thrive and deliver results at scale. P4G is anchored internationally to maximize access to networks and to service countries and partnerships.

Among participants at the launch were China, Colombia and Indonesia. All attached great importance to the P4G initiative and appreciated efforts to push forward the global sustainable development.